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Diabetes Prevention Platform for Lifestyle Coaches

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Intuitive Design
Keep your participants engaged, track their physical activity and weight-loss progress throughout the program.
100% Responsive
The platform is fully responsive, so it looks great on all devices: desktop, tablets and mobile phones. No need for additional apps.
Hosted in AWS-GovCloud industry leader in HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST certified hosting infrastructure.
“The motivation for me is to watch my children grow and be here for them. And that starts with taking care of myself and my body.”
Mike Jones, retired police officer

All You Need to Deliver an enhanced National Diabetes Prevention Program Experience

Integrated Telehealth Solution
Zoom for healthcare helps lifestyle coaches provide the highest quality care and cost-effective solutions to meet the dynamic needs of their participants.
Attendance Tracker
ARiA will monitor attendance and send reminders in real-time to participants that are running late to a class. This feature is especially helpful in distance learning modalities.
Cohorts are becoming more diverse. Our platform is available in 100+ languages to bridge the language barrier. T2 Curriculum handouts can be translated to any language.
Food and Exercise Log
Food and exercise logs don't have to be boring! Participants can share pictures of their meals instead of writing everything down. Encourage participants to schedule their exercise, and ARiA can nudge them halfway through the week if they forget to do it!
Scheduling tool for those cases where a one-on-one approach is necessary. Built in email and text reminders for each session.
Incentive Management
We include an incentive management program for your corporate clients. Customize the type of incentives and eligibility criteria based on engagement, weight-loss progress, or anything else your client is looking to track! ARiA will monito reach participant and send out incentives when a participant has met a milestone.
Secure Messaging
Send texts, files, videos and images securely through the platform. Offline participants receive email notifications whenever they have a new message.
Engagement Booster
Meet ARiA, our e-bot that will identify participants that are falling behind on their goals or the ones that have decreased their engagement and nudge them back on track. ARiA will also notify the coach for an effective proactive approach.
Real-time efficacy monitoring
Don't wait until the last minute to find out how effective your program is. ARiA will monitor each cohort's efficacy weekly and report compliance; if a cohort starts falling behind, you will receive notifications to make adjustments and get the group back on track.
Community Support
A successful lifestyle behavior program thrives when there is community support and accountability. Our Forum enables participants to share their thoughts, challenges, recipes, and wins! The coach can moderate the content and posts or allow ARiA to do it.
Customizable Curriculum/Workflows
We understand that you might have a custom curriculum or a specific workflow. Our platform is fully customizable, and all the modules can be turned on/off or personalized to match your program.
Mobile Optimized
There is no need to download an additional app; our platform was designed with a mobile-first approach. Participants can access the platform from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Alongside industry leaders, we developed a smart technology that makes it easier for lifestyle coaches to guide participants through the National Diabetes Prevention Program. ARiA was designed to monitor participants' progress and engagement throughout the program. Think of ARiA as your Artificial intelligence powered assistant-coach. Here is just one example of how ARiA makes your job easier: You are facilitating a distance learning program and notice some of your participants haven't logged in. ARiA's Attendance Tracker will automatically send a text notification to the missing participants. If a participant misses the class entirely, ARiA will send a link to the recorded lesson and monitor compliance to log it as a valid make-up session. All of this is done automatically, freeing your time to focus on empowering your participants to live healthier lives. Our platform is constantly evolving based on the feedback we receive from participants and from you. The best part? You can customize how much ARiA interacts with the participants. Do you have a custom workflow or a tedious process you wished could be automated? Contact us and we can train ARiA  to do it for you!

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Success Stories

Participants joined the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program and found support to make healthy lifestyle changes and reverse their diagnosis of prediabetes.

Founder, CEO
Tracy Jackson
Mason Edwards
PR Manager
Olivia Murphy

Meet some of the participants of the Diabetes Prevention Program

Mike Jones
“The motivation for me is to watch my children grow and be here for them. And that starts with taking care of myself and my body.”
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Corinne Tilliano
My kids have never seen me run. And I can now. And I love it.”
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Suzi Gomez
“I prevent type 2 diabetes so I can keep traveling, taking pictures, and enjoying my family for the rest of my life.”
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